St. Ann School
Welcome to Saint Ann School
St. Ann School, in the heart of the Black Rock section of Bridgeport, serves children
in Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8 of all faiths in the Greater Bridgeport area.  St.
Ann School offers much more than a strong academic program; we teach the entire
student - mind, body and spirit. To access our school website directly, click
I am fortunate to have the honor and privilege of serving the children and families of
the St. Ann community. Over the years, my roles as a student, parent, volunteer,
faculty member and administrator have helped me develop a deep and profound
appreciation of the Catholic School experience.

Catholic Schools offer a strong, proven academic program in a safe environment
with an emphasis on high moral values. In addition to exemplifying those
characteristics, St. Ann School’s most distinguishing characteristic is its rich
tradition of community spirit. Our talented, dedicated and hard-working faculty and
staff play a huge role in the development of our students both academically and
spiritually, and I am grateful for the gifts they share with all of us.

St. Ann School is especially blessed to have the support and involvement of the
parish, and enjoy the energy and enthusiasm that our Pastor Fr. Peter Towsley and
Deacon Ken Ruge bring to our school in so many ways.

I hope you will consider St. Ann School as your partner in educating your child -  
mind, body, and spirit.


Theresa D. Tillinger,