Sunday Reflection for November 26, 2017: Christ the King

The Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe reminds us that we have Christ as our anointed king. And He is a king much more powerful than any earthly ruler. He is sovereign over not some limited piece of land, but over all creation which, as St. Paul tells us, was created “through him and for him.”

Jesus Christ generously invites each one of us to share his kingly office, so much so that we, in fact, become kings with Him. But by sharing in His kingdom we are called to become like Him. To paraphrase the Venerable Fulton Sheen, we are called to become like the king who “took the form of a slave” and was born in the filthiest place in the world: a stable; the king who sat with sinners and preferred the poor and the outcasts to the wise and the worldly; the king who counted his subjects by those whom he served; the king who subjected Himself to false rulers and hateful enemies; the king who chose thorns for a crown, blood for a cloak, nails for a scepter and a cross for a throne.

The true meaning of His kingship is revealed only when He is raised high on the Cross. As Saint Pope John Paul II once said, “Christ wishes to make his power known precisely in this weakness and emptying of self.” It is in that weakness that Jesus Christ saves the entire world.

May we turn to the Lord, King of the Universe, especially in our sufferings and in our weakness, and trust confidently that He can and will lift us up, strengthen us and make us partakers in His kingdom.

In Christ,

Monsignor Tom Powers
Parochial Adminstrator of St. Ann Parish